StabiloGreen presents
a new soil stabilization material

Our mission is to stabilize hasardous soil 
by upcycling plastics.

StabiloGreen's soil stabilization mattresses are made of 100% of upcycled plastics.

  • 20 centimeters high

  • 2 meters wide

  • multiple meters long

  • 250-330 kg /m³ 

it is simltaneously light, rigid, uncompressible and  souple.

it distributes loads, absorbs shocks and vibrations, insulates and drains  

load distribution

vibration & shock absorption

heat and cold insulation

water and humidity drain

our patented technology transforms
used plastic into high-performance
soil stabilization mattresses for building industry and civil engineering



civil egineering

landscape architecture

soil stabilization is essential for a wide range of civil engineering and building applications, including road construction, embankments, dams, foundations, retaining walls, and slope stabilization. 

by ensuring stable and durable soil conditions, it enhances the overall safety and longevity of private and civil infrastructure projects.

In addition, StabiloGreen mats saves greenhouse gases, spares virgin materials and cleans the planet of plastic waste.