for a more sustainable,
cleaner and greener planet

Our mission is to protect plastic waste from degradation 
and to make upcycled plastic useful for sustainability.

we can prevent plastic pollution 
from threatening life

together, we shall avoid...

...avoid plastics in rivers & oceans

...avoid microplastics

...avoid useless and insane landfilling

...avoid incineration
& GHG emissions

...avoid costly
chemical recycling

it is essential to avoid the drift of our plastic waste to oceans, seas and lands;  their degradation into microplastics;  their expensive and useless landfilling; their polluting incineration; and, their ephemeral and  energy hungry chemical recycling

we turn used plastics into resources

used plastics are today a tremendous source of raw material

8 billion tons in stock

blue and white plastic pack lot

+ 400 million tons every year

there are 8 billion tons of plastic waste in stock and 400 extra-tons are added every year

we propose a solution

«My name is Jean-Paul Vieslet. I am passionate about technology. I'm particularly sensitive to the protection of our planet.

I've designed for StabiloGreen an extremely effective and durable soil stabilization product.

It is made from 100% upcycled plastic.
It has already proven itself as a basis for many construction and civil engineering sites.»

keep plastic on ground

it is the best way to protect oceans and rivers

protect plastic from degradation

it is the best way to avoid microplastic and GHG emissions

exploit plastic assets

plastic is indeed an incredibly strong and precious material

catch plastic's true value

providing high added value to used plastics leads to a positive and regenerative business